Risk and Asset Management

Risk management and internal controls

We assist our clients in the following areas:

• Development and implementation of a risk management framework.
• Risk assessment, workshops and preparation of risk register.
• Evaluating existing controls within your organisation.
• Assessing the overall control environment, including key business intelligence systems.
• Assessment of significant deficiencies in accounting systems or personnel.
• Migration processes from old to new systems.
• Addressing material deficiencies detected by external auditors, and the design of a corrective timetable
• Event identification – there are many events that might have an impact on the company. This involves analyzing possible events from internal and external sources that affect the attainment of objectives.
• Control activities – Policies and procedures are established and executed to help ensure the risk responses management selects are effectively carried out.


Asset Management

Our Asset Management services are explicitly focused on helping clients to achieve their defined objectives and to determine the optimal blend of activities based on these objectives. We help our clients in managing Moveable and Immoveable assets by offering the following services:

• Conducting asset varication for completeness and existence of assets
• Performing Assets register reconciliations
• Developing Asset Management Policy and procedures Manuals
• Loss Control Policy and Procedures Manuals
• Fleet Management
• Insurance
• Preventative repairs and maintenance management

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